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The benefit of Social Shelf for retailers is multifaceted.

First, Social Shelf costs the retailers absolutely nothing and in fact generates profits for the retailers whether the product sells or not. Based on the number of retail locations and participating brands, retailers are paid a sliding scale for every view delivered by every participating product on their shelves throughout the year. In a business environment that works on tight margins, every penny counts, especially when the pennies can add up to millions.

Social Shelf generates no additional work for your staff and needs no alterations to your facilities. Everything occurs in the aisle, on the shelf edge.  

Social Shelf delivers a better experiential and personal experience for a retailers’ customers. Very rarely are there enough experienced sales people in a store, alone be in the right place at the right time to answer every consumer’s question. By utilizing Social Shelf, participating brands create the equivalent of supplying a brand ambassador in every aisle, in front of their products.

Since its user activated it never annoys your customers. They only use it when they desire to know more about brands, they are less familiar with, right before making their purchasing decision.

In addition, consumers are less familiar with smaller brands, that typically have higher profit margins. By dispelling their concerns, Social Shelf eliminates their doubt, and builds customer confidence to make those higher priced purchases.

So why wouldn’t your stores benefit from Social Shelf? It’s truly a win-win!

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