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IN-STORE AI Interface

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In conjunction with Google & AWS, Social Shelf has built an AI Label Recognition library, which will allow Social Shelf to enter every retailer in the US.

Using the same technology, customers can page retailer staff, the service counter or be directed to product location.

IN-STORE customer service

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In addition to its advertising capabilities, utilizing its proprietary AI library, Social Shelf is also a customer service tool. Able to assist shoppers in communicating to store staff about out of stocks, the need for in-aisle service, opening lockboxes or directing them to an area of the store where they can pick up merchandise, that is kept secure. It's a service and theft deterrent tool and the best shelf edge advertising platform.


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The customer can scan the QR code with their phone or...

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Customers can use the AI Label Recognition and scan the product they wish to receive product information from.

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After the consumer provides their general information, if desired, you can serve them a rebate or coupon downloaded to the app.

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Download and open the App to scan the QR code or...

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Instantly, the phone will receive your intended message: (video, audio file, or written message).



At checkout, the coupon is scanned and immediately a rebate is issued, where laws allow.



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Social Shelf offers “Brand Priority” opportunities. Social Shelf GPS enabled devices can receive brand notifications. This service is geo-fenced according to local participating locations.

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The Social Shelf store finder makes it easy for shoppers to locate participating retailers within a 10 mile radius of their current location.


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Drive high profile retail placements with gamification

Attract more consumer brand attention by running a “game of skill” or “random chance to win”. Customize the gamification to match your promotional program. Random or preset winning limits. Single, multi-market and national contests available.

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