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Social Shelf was born from inspiration! Nearly 25 years ago, Frank Gussoni, a life-long entrepreneur and our founder had a successful local business that was small in comparison to its chain competitors. He needed to find a way to cut through the noise, rise above it and continue to grow. His efforts proved so successful that it eventually led to Frank opening A3 Media and placing media for other companies full-time.

Fast forward and you’ll find that A3 has worked with some very large regional and national clients. However, this has never diminished his quest to help smaller companies gain a larger share of business, like he did for himself. This goal was the motivating force behind the creation of Social Shelf. Social Shelf was built for lesser-known brands and companies that make great products, but don’t have the media capital to compete with the behemoth brands.

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Please give us a call if you would like to try Social Shelf. We wish you continued success and keep on fighting!

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While originally built for lesser-known brands and companies that make great products, it quickly became clear that Social Shelf benefits brands of all sizes and categories. Customers are finding it useful on products ranging from spirits to cosmetics,

house brands, over-the-counter drugs, appliances, electronics, and even power tools, when in the aisle or shopping online, making their buying decision.

The goal was to build a system that is affordable, 100% accurate and eliminates media waste. Social Shelf is user engaged, eliminates ad fraud, and connects with consumers who want to know more about a brand before purchasing it.

Social Shelf is a great stand-alone advertising tool or can be used in conjunction with any brand’s existing media campaign, whether they be in-house or agency efforts. Quarterly and yearly packages are affordable, and you’ll never exceed your budget.



• Highlight your brand’s unique and differentiating qualities

• Inform and educate consumers at point of purchase

• Proudly display your brand benefits 

• Incorporate your brands into their lives

• Offer suggestions, helpful tips, DIY or ratings

• Social Shelf is versatile and not limited to a single category

• Tell us what you need

• Affordable. You set and never exceed your budget

• Keeps the messaging genuine and creative costs low

• Shoot videos via cell phone

• Consumer engaged, means no ad fraud

• Frequent creative changes will keep your message fresh

• No ad clutter. Your brand appears immediately

• Provides accurate accounting on consumer engagement

• Guarantees you only pay for the information delivered

• Environmentally friendly

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“There truly is no better time to connect with a consumer than when you have their undivided attention and right before they make their purchasing decision. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other mediums, Social Shelf will magnify your message and increase your market share.” 

- Frank Gussoni, President of A3 Media and Founder of Social Shelf

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