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What is Social Shelf, and how does it work?

It’s a customizable app portal that allows consumers to engage with your brand on a personal level at the moment of their buying decision.

How much does Social Shelf cost?

Programs start at $4,000/quarter per product and only 18¢ per view. Learn more HERE

Is tech support available?

Yes. The Social Shelf Team is here to ensure your success and make sure your campaigns work properly.

Is there a limit to the number of products that can be featured on Social Shelf?

No. Feel free to use Social Shelf to highlight as many products as you desire.

Is creative development assistance available?

Yes. Our team members can connect you with our creative partners.

How does a company enroll?

It’s simple, call us directly at 855-466-8584 or email us at and a team member will be happy to assist you.

How will consumers know about Social Shelf?

Social Shelf will use extensive geo-targeted advertising, utilizing social, digital, mobile, OTT, CTV and traditional media outlets promoting participating brands and retailers.

Is Social Shelf affordable for small to mid-sized companies?

Yes. Social Shelf was designed with smaller and mid-size companies who have limited advertising budgets and are looking to do more than basic social and digital media.

How will consumers recognize Social Shelf products?

The Owlvin tag, in-store advertising, merchandising and the Owlvin icon online.

What kind of information can go on a brand’s pages?

Nearly anything that will influence a consumer: a video, audio file, company info, even a coupon or rebate offer. Call us directly at 855-466-8584 or email us at to discuss how you would like to use Social Shelf for your brand.

How many stores or locations can be included in this program?

There is no limit to the number of locations or websites that you can include Social Shelf.

How often can a message be changed?

One monthly change is included per campaign. (Additional changes are available for a nominal fee.)

Is there assistance with printing and in-store activation?

Yes. Discuss your needs with the Social Shelf team and allow us to help get you what you need.

Can users be re-targeted?

Yes. Those consumers that use the Social Shelf app and have registered for your brand can receive additional messaging from you, through the Social Shelf platform.

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