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Social Shelf assists companies in overcoming their marketing challenges and aids retailers with staffing and shrinkage issues.

The affordable advertising and customer service tool that's like having a store associate in every aisle...and online!

This on-demand service delivers informative brand content and
customer-staff communications.

Meet Owlvin!

Consumers will immediately recognize “Owlvin”, their new “Shopping Buddy”.

By scanning a QR, using label recognition AI or clicking a mouse, Owlvin delivers personal brand video messages and alerts staff of customer needs.

Brand advertising

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While in the aisles, customers either scan a QR or download the Social Shelf App and engage our AI Label technology.

Immediately, shoppers receive a custom branded message specifically made for your retail locations. Using video, audio and static files, brands highlight their points of differentiation with a social influencer style.

customer service


Utilizing the same AI technology, shoppers can communicate with your staff in several ways. An email or SMS message is sent to your predetermined station or can trigger a message to a handheld tablet.

With a single staff member you can attend to aisle issues in the store and service your customers better.

  • Out of Stocks

  • Lockbox Items

  • In-aisle Staff Assistance

  • Merchandise Pickup

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The companies below have partnered with Social Shelf! 

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