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Price List

File Costs:
Stores can be a combination of various retailers.
Duration: Minimum of 3 months, Maximum of 1 year.
Automatic renewals are available. See below.

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Master File:

Duplicate Files:

"Add On" Additional Files:

Non Tag Additional Files:





13 Weeks





26 Weeks
52 Weeks





Site Changes: (Per Page)     $350 per Occurrence

*6 Month agreements include one swap out in quarter 2

*Annual agreements include one video swap in quarters, 2, 3, and 4

Recurring View Fees:
First Page: 18¢ per view.
Ancillary Pages: 15¢ per view.  Prices are guaranteed for the term of contract.

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realistic phone design [Converted] Sierra Nevada_NEW-02.png
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Initial Steps:

  • Select your chain stores

  • Supply participating product names

  • Provide us with corresponding UPCs

  • Provide distribution number by product and chain

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Vestcom Supported Retailers

You can go directly to Vestcom or let Social Shelf do the work for you. Social Shelf makes no profit on Vestcom tags.

1. Tags are available for 3, 6, and 12 month periods.

2. Until A3 secures retailer approval from Vestcom retailers, no contract is final.

3. Prices can change at any time.

Call Us For A Quote

We operate in Vestcom and Non-Vestcom stores, independent printers & digital tags


Get Started Brand Support Illustration_UPDATED-01.png

Social Shelf will support your brands and retailer efforts. Utilizing various geo-targeted digital, mobile and traditional advertising mediums


In-Store Set Up

Step 1: Select Product(s), Location(s) and Content
Step 2: Supply your creative materials 
Step 3: Set Your Budget
Step 4: Social Shelf designs custom QR, Mirc
o Site and Shelf Tag
Step 5: Proof your campaign and go live

Online Set Up

Step 1: Select Product(s), Retailer(s) and Content
Step 2: Supply your creative materials 
Step 3: Set Your Budget
Step 4: We'll work directly with retailers to develop custom code
Step 5: Proof your campaign and go live

Get Started - Online Setup Illustration - Red Lines-01.png
Get Started - Instore Setup - Cat Food-01.png


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Gamification Set Up

Step 1: Select your game theme
Step 2: Pre-se
lect the number of winners desired
Step 3: Select date range

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