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Tailored for any retail location:
Social Shelf tags identify participating brands. Tag sizes start as small as 1” x 2”. Available as a standalone or a shelf tag extension. Each tag can include Owlvin or not but must include our unique QR that instantly delivers your message to the consumer. Custom POS is available. Consumer incentives to buy through rebates or coupons are available, where permitted.

Consumer In-Store Usage

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1) The customer can scan the QR code with their phone.

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3) Instantly, the phone will receive your intended message: (video, audio file, or written message).


5) At checkout, the coupon is scanned and immediately a rebate is issued, where laws allow.

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2) Download and open the App to scan the QR code associated with a Social Shelf product.

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4) After the consumer provides their general information, if desired, you can serve them a rebate or coupon downloaded to the app.

It's as easy as one, two, three!


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Implemented for Retail Ecommerce Use
Online products are highlighted by Owlvin’s icon. With a click, custom content is displayed without ever leaving the retail site. Consumer incentives to try are offered through rebates, where permitted.

Consumer Ecommerce Usage

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1) The customer can utilize Social Shelf from the convenience of their home or anywhere.

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3) Clicking on “Owlvin” allows access to your Social Shelf pages.

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5) Just like the in-store app, there are a variety of options to highlight and differentiate your products.

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2) An “Owlvin” icon is inserted next to your product(s) signaling that you are a participating Social Shelf brand.

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4) Your custom content is instantly displayed for the consumer to learn more about your product(s).

It's as easy as one, two, three!

Push Notifications

Store Finder

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Social Shelf offers “Brand Priority” opportunities. Social Shelf GPS enabled devices can receive brand notifications. This service is geo-fenced according to local participating locations.

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The Social Shelf store finder makes it easy for shoppers to locate participating retailers within a 10 mile radius of their current location.


Drive high profile retail placements with gamification
Attract more consumer brand attention by running a “game of skill” or “random chance to win”. Customize the gamification to match your promotional program. Random or preset winning limits. Single, multi-market and national contests available.

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